Get Job Executions in Rundeck

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Following the previous articles, we are now in position to query job executions. The query is done via API as well. As a job can have an arbitrary number of executions, it’s advisable to use pagination. The code follows the same lines as the one in the previous entries:

This function builds the URL for the call and returns an XML string. Its parameters are: server – the rundeck server port – the rundeck server’s port api_key – the api key for rundeck job_id – one of the job…read more

Initialise Python with GoCD

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Following the deployment of a python-aware agent, we can start creating a pipeline. The first stage would be to: Clean up any previous data Create a virtual environment for python Install all dependencies from a requirements.txt file in our project Note: we assume the global pipeline settings and the Materials are properly set up (e.g. out project will be checked out in ./project). Since the above operations must be executed in order, I’ve set up a Setup stage with a job named virtualenv. The job has three tasks: rm virtualenv…read more

My first proper job offer

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Well, this is a trip down the memory lane… My first offer was as a Software Design Engineer in Corvil. Yeah, they’re still alive and going strong :) And here’s the proof in the form of my Corvil job offer :) ps: Yeah, I know, the salary wasn’t too interesting, but I was more idealistic at the time :) A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)

What Do You Do – Analyse, Develop, Test and Maintain ICT Systems

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Someone asked me what is it to do “Analyse, Develop, Test and Maintain ICT Systems”… Here’s a formal description: Timely delivery of ICT systems in the required functionality. Contribute efficiently to the IT governance by applying it and by providing inputs to the further definition of the actions taking into account the working environment. Ensure that all required deliverables are approved and adequately stored. Where required, timely and well documented written inputs to the response to be provided by the unit to any relevant internal / external consultation or enquiries…read more

What Do You Do – Product Lifecycle Management

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Following tasks enter under Product Lyfecycle Management: Organise, manage, coordinate and supervise the implementation of IT-services and/or IT-projects at a central and/or local level, directly or by subcontracting; define, implement and/or supervise the ICT strategy, policies and procedures. Ensure consistency with current project management methodology (e.g. PMĀ², PMI, Agile) Ensure a coherent informatics environment in terms of technology and resources and organisation; organise and manage the requisite central and decentralised IT services and projects. Perform feasibility, consultancy and/or other studies, analyses and surveys. Contribute to ensure the correct functioning of…read more