Fix “No Voice” with Kraken 7.1 and VLC on OSX

Today I had an odd issue with my Kraken 7.1 Chroma: I could not hear the voices in a movie in VLC. I could however hear the other sounds (like the voices were filtered out). I could also hear everything with the internal speakers or one of the monitors… I’ve tried finding answers online but […]

Fix “Damaged app” Message

TL;DR: Use xattr -rc /location/ (see here). I use to save all my apps on my NAS. The other day I wanted to use an old app for colour palette. I’ve downloaded it from my NAS and…: “MyApplication” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “MyApplication” and download it again from the App Store! What? It’s my […]

Ripping CDs on OSX

Currently, I am converting all my CD collection to digital format because my CD players started failing. A while ago, I tried doing it on Windows and it looked OK with EAC. Unfortunately, my setup now id OSX-based (a mac mini). After investigating a lot, I came up with the following setup: Hardware: Mac Mini […]

Fix Missing Icons in Yosemite Finder

Today I’ve found that I was missing some icons in Finder: Not nice. However, after scouring the internet I found the simple solution: Reboot in Safe Mode (use this link) Log in as yourself Reboot normally Log in as yourself …and voila! You have the icons back! References All credit goes to: Apple – safe […]

Fix Crazy/Jumping Cursor on a MacBook (Pro)

A couple of days ago, my baby managed to take a jab at my laptop (several actually), and hit the both keyboard and the trackpad. I don’t know how, but this managed to get the cursor to jump all over the screen, some clicks triggered, some virtual screens swapped… Wonderful! TL;DR: Plug in a mouse, […]

Simulate INSert key on mac OSX

Every once in a while I use MC (Midnight Commander) on OSX, simply because after all these years the two-pane file manager is still easier and quicker to use than the Finder. TL;DR: use <CTRL>+T to simulate INS key. Origins In my PC days, I used Norton Commander to do file operations. In my Linux […]

MacPorts Berkley-DB 4 problem and work around

I’ve upgraded my MacPro’s hardware a bit the other day and I’ve noticed that something went bye-bye when running eclipse. Namely eclipse itself wasn’t working anymore. So I thought: What a great opportunity to do an update (eclipse, jdk…). And MacPorts. Because I wanted to upgrade my python to 2.7 (2.7 has a couple of […]

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