AppleIntelSKLGraphicsFramebuffer – Kernel panic with Intel530

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TL;DR: My solution was to just set the DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) to 64M. YMMV though… Yesterday I decided I want to start building a hackintosh to replace my old mac mini. My system has the following components: Asus Maximus Hero VIII Alpha 16 GB of RAM I6700k Some SSDs, HDDs and a NVMe I chose not to get a graphics card since the nice ones are both expensive (600+ for a GTX1080) and unsupported (there are reports of RX480 working-ish). So, for the time being I’m stuck with…read more

Fix “No Voice” with Kraken 7.1 and VLC on OSX

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Today I had an odd issue with my Kraken 7.1 Chroma: I could not hear the voices in a movie in VLC. I could however hear the other sounds (like the voices were filtered out). I could also hear everything with the internal speakers or one of the monitors… I’ve tried finding answers online but the only bits I could find were for Windows. So, without further ado, my solution is to install Boom 2 (as a trial). I’ve ended up buying it because it boosts up audio nicely. If…read more

Fix “Damaged app” Message

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TL;DR: Use xattr -rc /location/ (see here). I use to save all my apps on my NAS. The other day I wanted to use an old app for colour palette. I’ve downloaded it from my NAS and…: “MyApplication” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “MyApplication” and download it again from the App Store! What? It’s my app! So, apparently, Yosemite checks new apps (the same old “Your app was downloaded from” message) but the apps are also verified against the store. It may or may not have something to do…read more

Ripping CDs on OSX

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Currently, I am converting all my CD collection to digital format because my CD players started failing. A while ago, I tried doing it on Windows and it looked OK with EAC. Unfortunately, my setup now id OSX-based (a mac mini). After investigating a lot, I came up with the following setup: Hardware: Mac Mini (mine is a late 2012) Samsung SE-506CB/RSBD Software: OSX Yosemite XLD which I use to convert to Apple Lossless (m4a) XLD has a bit of configuration thing which is not really intuitive, the track/album naming. Here…read more

Fix Missing Icons in Yosemite Finder

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Today I’ve found that I was missing some icons in Finder: Not nice. However, after scouring the internet I found the simple solution: Reboot in Safe Mode (use this link) Log in as yourself Reboot normally Log in as yourself …and voila! You have the icons back! References All credit goes to: Apple – safe mode MacRumours – other people that had the problem A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)

Fix Crazy/Jumping Cursor on a MacBook (Pro)

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A couple of days ago, my baby managed to take a jab at my laptop (several actually), and hit the both keyboard and the trackpad. I don’t know how, but this managed to get the cursor to jump all over the screen, some clicks triggered, some virtual screens swapped… Wonderful! TL;DR: Plug in a mouse, disable the trackpad when a mouse is plugged in, play with the mouse for awhile, remove the mouse and uncheck the option. Voila! I thought it’s just a fluke and restarting would fix the problem….read more

Simulate INSert key on mac OSX

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Every once in a while I use MC (Midnight Commander) on OSX, simply because after all these years the two-pane file manager is still easier and quicker to use than the Finder. TL;DR: use <CTRL>+T to simulate INS key. Origins In my PC days, I used Norton Commander to do file operations. In my Linux days, I moved to midnight commander and whatever GUI equivalents existed (Total Commander anyone?). On Mac, it seems only natural to install the Homebrew and get MC up and running. Everything works very nicely on…read more

MacPorts Berkley-DB 4 problem and work around

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I’ve upgraded my MacPro’s hardware a bit the other day and I’ve noticed that something went bye-bye when running eclipse. Namely eclipse itself wasn’t working anymore. So I thought: What a great opportunity to do an update (eclipse, jdk…). And MacPorts. Because I wanted to upgrade my python to 2.7 (2.7 has a couple of extra niceties compared to 2.6, and django doesn’t yet work with 3.x). Anyway, I’ve downloaded the Helios eclipse, cleaned up macports and updated it again. Nice. Had to re-download Xcode, which, this time is a…read more