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Update Jenkins on Ubuntu

February 16, 2018Categories: IT, Tutorial
I've got an installation of Jenkins on a Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS which I needed to update. In order to do so I did the following: Download the new version (2.107 at the moment of writing this post). In /home/user/backup/ execute: Backup the old version (Jenkins war is installed in /usr/share…

Show What's on Swap in Linux

November 6, 2017Categories: IT, Tutorial
If you find your machine running sluggish, it might be the case that you have too many things running and it's hitting the swap. You can check how bad (or good) things are with htop , but it won't tell you which process is sitting on swap. To find out, I've cooked up a tiny script: It will look in…

Build a Simple Makefile

December 20, 2015Category: Software
TL;DR : If you don't have anything better to do, create Makefiles by hand :) Gist here . The other day I went back to origins with building a small C++ project. With modern tools, all went OK. However, deployment was a bit of a problem, in the sense the host had an obsolete toolchain: So, I had to…

D-BUS: DBUS and Mad scientists... - 2004 Style

October 9, 2014Category: Software
TL;DR : This post is about an experience I had in 2004 and it’s part of my consolidating technical posts I wrote in time. It may or may not be relevant to today’s technologies. For the last while I was poking around with the glorious D-BUS ... As it's always the case with new cutting edge…

DBus and Qt programming

March 22, 2007Category: Software
For the past few days I've been trying to get more complex data sent via D-Bus. As one would say here in Ireland: Je'zus H. Christ Playing with python was easy. There are lots of examples on communicating complex data structures. But with Qt... It's a bit more complex, because there are only a set…

Qt4 IDEs

December 4, 2006Category: Software
Note: This is a post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. Qt4 is quite a nice piece of work. too bad that not too many devel tools actually support it in a decent way... I've tried: kdevelop nedit/emacs Cobras Monkey Studio eclipse I've got yet to try QDevelop which…

New laptop - episode 3

April 5, 2006Categories: Hardware, Random
My xorg.conf Important are the following flags from the device section: Otherwise, you'll get the 1024x768 resolution. -- This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog

New laptop - episode 2

April 5, 2006Categories: Hardware, Random
.. or in other words, "why, oh, why I did this to myself"... First, the generics. I'm parametrising the distros I've tried so far and then I'll explain what's my setup now. Several parameters of outside interest are monitored: Sound: If the sound works out of the box or if I had something done to it…

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