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House log

April 7, 2022Category: House
Today I realised it's quite a while since I wrote anything on the house. Last year we moved into the house (on 15/12/2021 to be more precise) and we've been using it since. It's OK :) Here are some of the things that happened in the meantime: I'm ironing out the KNX programming: I do small tweaks…

House log - 30/12/21

December 30, 2021Category: House
Today, we finished with the apartment where we were. As expected, the independent evaluator of the state of play (état des lieux) found that most of our deposit was to go to the owner. At least, we didn't have to pay extra. As this is done, we're proud residents of the Rhode-Saint-Genese commune…

House log - 15/12/21

December 15, 2021Category: House
Today, despite some unfinished bits in the house, we did the removal. The removal company was OK, but a bit negligent. We had Nichita doing a sleepover so we can fix the house, which helps because of the home schooling and stuff. State of the house The house state today is: Paint Parquet Tiles…

House log - 03/11/21

November 3, 2021Category: House
Today is the day where the electricity distributor comes in. In the morning I confirmed (again) they would arrive. ... And so they did, almost one hour earlier than they said :) They did great work and now all electricity works are done! Woo-hoo! We installed the big window and figured out that we…

House log - 03/11/21

November 3, 2021Category: House
When we went to the house we saw. outside. the. windows. Now all windows are clean and look good. State of the house The house state today is: Paint Parquet Tiles Security Doors (70%) Ordered entrance door Install entrance door Ordered interior doors (5) Order rest of the doors Install the 5 doors…

House log - 02/11/21

November 2, 2021Category: House
Today I went to the house with two items in mind: Wait for the guy with the digger to get the driveway started and Be present when the electrical distributor would come to move the meter inside the house. Digging The guy was supposed to come at 07:30 in the morning, but at 07:00 I got a call that he…

House log - 22/10/21

October 22, 2021Category: House
Today I've got some pretty pics from our guy that he finished the first flight of stairs: ...and the finished product: All in all, we progress nicely in the house. Next week we start fixing the outside of the house. Also, the doors should start coming (the outside door is the main pain point). State…

House log - 24/09/21

September 24, 2021Category: House
Today, we had a Viessmann certificated engineer coming at the house to connect the internal and external parts of the heat pump. He almost left because we don't have the manuals for the pump, and the said manuals contain a set of specific codes for the pump. We also found out: There's a missing…

House log - 31/07/21

July 31, 2021Category: House
The house state today is: Paint Parquet Tiles Security Doors Plumbing (80%) Electricity (40% - cables are laid) Electricity Today I got some quotes from a Belgium distributor, and then got prices form a shop in Germany. The items are: Type Item code Alimentation Alimentation 320mA 21220…

House log - 14/07/21

July 14, 2021Category: House
Today, there was a lot of commotion at the house. Security The security people came to install the system. Advantages: Cheap - they had a 700 Euro discount Pretty - contacts are tiny. Wireless - all is wireless. Didn't investigate the protocol yet. Haz app - we're in the 21th century, aren't we…

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