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House log - Status update

January 8, 2021Category: House
Got a form from the finances department: As an attachment you will find the form "follow-up of changes - commissioning or first rental". We ask that you complete, sign and return that form to the address stated on the form before January 10, 2021. We use the information in the form to determine the…

Registration tax

February 6, 2015Category: House
When you buy land or a place to live, you usually need to pay registration tax. This varies a lot from one country to another. In Belgium, this is quite high (10-13% - ish). You can get some discounts in some cases. Here are the links I've found: Calculating registration tax - official government…

Belgium Customs and DHL - A History of Legal Thieving

December 5, 2014Category: Random
The other day I ordered an item from Hong Kong, to be delivered with DHL, because DHL would be quicker. So the total cost was: The item: 30.40 USD The shipping: 33.80 USD Grand total : 64.20 USD The amount of taxes I had to pay for the package was... wait for it... approx 26 EUR ! My first reaction…

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