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Web Services from Scratch - 1. Infrastructure

August 11, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I've started writing my first web service with Spring . It started as something simple (check periodically if a site is active), but it evolved more and more as requirements and over-engineering creped in. This post lists the tings I set up now so I can make my life easier later. I will refer to…

Install private docker registry

August 9, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
Following the previous post , I have now everything ready to install my own registry. NAS storage I've created a new place (dataset) on my NAS server to store the registry's images and shared it via NFS. I've mounted it on my destination machine: Ansible configuration Now, the registry is up and…

Create a Wildcard Self-signed Certificate with Wildcard Domains

August 8, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I'm preparing my docker-based infrastructure and one of the items (to make my live a bit more complicated) is to install a private docker registry. One of the requirements is to obtain a certificate (so I don't have an insecure registry). Create a self-signed certificate First, we need to establish…