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Project Manager @ the EC

Install Ubuntu Server

December 10, 2020Category: IT
So, after the CentOS news , I went on to search another release-based distribution. The obvious choice now is Ubuntu server (20.04 LTS at the time of writing). Here are my steps to install the server on VMWare ESXi Prerequisites First, you have to download the ISO: Go to the site Select to…

House log - Status update

December 10, 2020Category: House
Today I vent by the house. Here's the state of play: Fences The fence posts have been placed The foundation for the gate was also placed All materials are there Next week, everything should be ready Plumbing Ground floor has the floor heating done. First floor too (probably) Cellar is prepared for…

CentOS is dead (as we know it)

December 9, 2020Category: IT
Today I read that RedHat decided to move CentOS from a release-based distribution to a 'stream' one. This means it'll receive all kind of updates and, more important, there's not going to be a LTS :( So, all my work on messing around with SELinux and getting unbound , PiHole and traefik to like…