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House log - 210409

April 9, 2021Category: House
Today I'm trying to get a quote for the lights in the kitchen. My initial plan is to install 48v lights from Modular lighting instruments , a company from Belgium. What Worktop Dining Pista track 48V surface profile 2m black structured 1 1 Pista track 48V surface profile 3m black structured 1…

Install zigbee2mqtt on a NanoPI Neo 256Mb

April 2, 2021Categories: house, infrastructure, it
Yesterday I've received my NanoPi Neo with 256Mb of RAM. Such a cute and tiny board: It has a bunch of pins too :) Initial setup I've started with Armbian first, but I hadn't too much luck. I've been told it was the power supply though :) After, I've downloaded FriendlyCore from Friendly ARM…

Setup Ubuntu servers

March 28, 2021Categories: house, infrastructure, it
This post describes the manual steps I need to do to set up the linux machines properly Machines I have a server (I'm not that environmentally friendly, I know) with VmWare ESXi installed and I've created multiple VMs for the different machines: core - contains several basic items like the UniFi…