About laurivan.com

An online experience and life render, LaurIvan.com is the place where you find a number of solutions to technical problems and more. Made with a hint of problem-solving, a pinch of will to always learn and a scoop of will to share, this site is a collection of stories and solutions for like-minded adventurers.

About Laur Ivan

Romanian and European (or vice-versa) with 20+ years of information technology experience, husband and father, lover of shiny technologies, early adopter, music and movies lover.

Laur started his tech adventure at Tudor Vianu Highschool (MF1 in his days), went on to Politehnica University Bucharest and then University of Limerick. He worked in Ireland for a number of years at bleeding edge technology companies until joining Eurostat and then the ERCEA. He currently works at the European Commission, taking care of a number of projects.

He continues to reach the other fellows developers (and not only!), to give back to the community with his website LaurIvan.com.