Definitive Tutorial to CM13 on LG G2 D802

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If you don’t you need to go search somewhere else how to get to this point. Prerequisites You’ll need the following: A Windows machine. Windows 8 is what I tried, but I think Win 10 will do as well. USB 2.0. I haven’t tried with USB 3 port. LG Recovery Tool 2014 A Lollipop Stock ROM (kdz). You can get one on DevTester AutoRec for your phone variant (Play store) The One Click Recovery TWRP from BlastGator – Get the highest 2.8 and a 3.x version CM13 ROM Hybrid…read more

Clean Factory Reset for LG G2 (802)

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TL;DR: If you can’t enter recovery (but you can enter download mode) and you’ve installed Lollipop stock back from CM13, you need to erase everything (CSE Flash on your LG Flash Tool). The other day I’ve updated CM13 to a new nightly and it got stuck on boot loop. After searching on the interwebs, I’ve got a final variant on how to make your G2 good again. IMPORTANT! This will wipe your device clean! If you have stuff you want, use something else! Prerequisites Get your phone to accept download…read more

Addendum to Installing CyanogenMod 12.1 on a LG 802

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Today I got sufficiently annoyed with the stock version of Lollipop on my phone and decided to try (again) CyanogenMod (no longer alive). I’ve tried to follow the steps in the wiki, but got into problems, so here’s my alternative experience. Preparation Make sure you install TWRP or CWM so you can enter recovery mode. The “Installing a custom recovery on G2” section worked just fine for me with AutoRec (play store link). Do some backups. I cannot emphasize this enough. You can do a backup in TWRP or use…read more

My Ultimate LG G2 Unbrick Tutorial

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Yes, I (still) have a LG G2 and it’s an amazing phone. Battery lasts forever (at least with my usage), has a great screen, you can, if you want install custom ROMs (cyanogen anyone?)… However, sometimes you need to get back to Stock ROM, particularly from times when you get into a soft brick. My situation was the following: I’ve installed a custom ROM which went through partially. The phone started behaving erratically (no data connection, reboots and whatnot). I’ve tried to flash a recovery, but apparently it wasn’t the…read more

Boot in Recovery Mode on LG G2

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To boot in recovery mode on a LG G2, you need to do the following steps: Power off your phone. Don’t just restart, but perform a normal power off Wait for a few seconds Press <Volume Down> and <Power> buttons simultaneously until the LG logo is shown Press <Volume Down> and <Power> buttons simultaneously again until you get the firmware reset screen Press the <Power> button again to start the reset This is useful when you want to flash a firmware via e.g. TWRP. A little experiment: If you find…read more

Root a LG G2 on OSX

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I’ve got a LG G2 the other day to replace my old Galaxy Nexus (RIP). I’ve seen a lot of info about benefits of having different ROMs like Cyanogen, and I’ve decided to have a go. However, in order to do it, I needed to root the phone… on OSX. Since all tutorials show the windows install, here are the steps I did for mine. TL;DR: Get the SDK and the windows tutorial and execute the relevant lines from the batch files. Disclaimer: The below tutorial is provided “AS IS”….read more