Fix Empty adb devices -l with Samsung S9 (and S9+)

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TL;DR: Clean up any mobile phone drivers you have and install Samsung’s ones. I wanted to update to the beta UI package. One method is via ADB sideloading, which I prefer compared to SD Card mounting. I started with:

on my system and everything was nice: I hot my phone in recovery mode. I immediately selected the option to “apply update from ADB”. The phone started with:

Now, I started ADB (most recent version too!) on my PC with:

an I had the unpleasant surprise to see…read more

Inject Proxy Settings in Selenium/Chrome

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I have the following situation: I’m behind a corporate proxy and I need to run a test accessing an external website. To do this, I’ve picked up chrome/chromium as driver of choice. My current solution implies an authentication via plugin. The plugin The chrome plugin is essentially 2 files: a manifest file a JS containing a listener Manifest The manifest file is:

The script Following script performs the proxy authentication:

,where the PROXY_* variables are the components of the proxy URL. Plugin The plugin is created by zipping…read more