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House Log - A Discovery

January 10, 2019Category: House
Our architect submitted the plans to the commune at the end of September. According to the Belgian law, the whole process should take +/- 3 months. So, we scheduled a fitting-out meeting with DaVinci in the second week of January. We've heard countless times that after submitting the file to the…

We had to hire an architect

March 16, 2017Category: House
Well, our constructor told us we need an architect. So I did some digging... Payment Scheme I found here a way to schedule payments to the architect: Phase Activity Percentage Effort Conception Etudes préliminaires 5 % 33 h Avant projet sommaire (APS) 10 % 66 h Avant projet détaillé (APD) 10 % 6…

We have lift-off

August 22, 2016Category: House
We gave the green light to the builders to start the process. The letter goes something like this: We are hereby agreeing to proceed with the planning application for our house. This phase of the project encompasses only the activities related to obtaining the planning permission from the commune…

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