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Web Services from Scratch - 1. Infrastructure

August 11, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I've started writing my first web service with Spring . It started as something simple (check periodically if a site is active), but it evolved more and more as requirements and over-engineering creped in. This post lists the tings I set up now so I can make my life easier later. I will refer to…

Install private docker registry

August 9, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
Following the previous post , I have now everything ready to install my own registry. NAS storage I've created a new place (dataset) on my NAS server to store the registry's images and shared it via NFS. I've mounted it on my destination machine: Ansible configuration Now, the registry is up and…

Create a Wildcard Self-signed Certificate with Wildcard Domains

August 8, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I'm preparing my docker-based infrastructure and one of the items (to make my live a bit more complicated) is to install a private docker registry. One of the requirements is to obtain a certificate (so I don't have an insecure registry). Create a self-signed certificate First, we need to establish…

Install paperless-ng: Set up Shares

July 14, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
Today I'm starting to install paperless-ng to finally put an order in the mount of documents I have. This is a necessity because, with the construction of the house, we've amassed a silly number of PDFs (and other documents) and it becomes rather hard to have them in folders with no real search…

Install paperless-ng: Install paperless

July 14, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I've finished setting up the shares , so it's time now oto install paperless. The repository has an installation via docker compose and via ansible. I need a combination of the two, with the NAS on top, so I've decided to follow this approach to convert the docker compose file to a list of…

A simple list app

June 11, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
In the last few weeks I had to go to the house and measure humidity of a number of points. I used google keep with a checklist and just text an I thought: Wouldn't it be nice to have an app which I could define a list of entries and then just be able to add values to the list, or even add/subtract a…

Some useful docker commands

June 2, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
The other day I had to reboot one of my machines running docker. I've noticed that only a number of containers restarted on reboot. What's worse, is that my pihole container didn't. Oops. So I've decided to look into it and found a number of docker commands which helped me: Processes Docker has a…

I Declare Defeat - Mount NFS in Docker

October 20, 2020Category: IT
Today I've tried to mount a NFS into a docker volume via the following means: Mount the NFS on the host and create a docker volume using the absolute path Create a docker volume via NFS Both variants have failed miserably, in hte sense that I could get the docker container to "see" it, but read-only…

Map Subdomains to Docker Containers with Synology

October 2, 2018Categories: IT, Tutorial
The other day I got fed up with having to insert diskstation.local:12345 to point towards an installed service on my NAS. I also thought that my SO has difficulties remembering all the ports (I do too) and cleaning up the browser cache doesn't help either. So, I thought: Wouldn't it be nicer if…

Build a Django Docker Image with Cx-Oracle

July 17, 2018Categories: Software, Tutorial
TL;DR: Don't use alpine images. There's a glibc issue . We added a cx-oracle dependency to one of our django apps. As the previous image was just an alpine basic (python) image we needed to put in place a process to build the new image. Initially, I've tried to use the same alpine image (oh…

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