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TIL you can mix ASC, DESC in ORDER BY (SQLite)

November 4, 2015Category: Software
TL;DR: You can use ORDER BY column1 DESC, column2 ASC ... in your code. The other day I was trying to get a custom ordering in a list for an object: order decreasing by UNREAD MESSAGES count and then order ascending by DATE Initially, I tried a GROUP BY, but I could not get it to do the ordering…

Change a Domain Renewal Order on Blacknight Solutions

June 11, 2014Category: IT
Recently I've received a renewal order for domain hosting on Blacknight . Last time, the domain was renewed last year and I wanted to renew it for a longer period (3 years). After a brief chat with the billing customer support, I've came up with a list of simple steps, which I'll be enumerating…

Renew a Payment on Blacknight Manually

June 11, 2014Category: IT
As part of making a multi-annual order for a domain (instead of single-year), I needed to create manually a domain renewal order. Here are the steps I used. First, log in onto your control panel (if you're not already logged in). Then, form the list of owned domains, select the domain you want to…

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