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Vega 56 and ETH - Keep Your Cool(er)

October 3, 2017Category: Hardware
Following my writing , I've rearranged my rig to have the Vega card on one edge (where the intake fan would get "fresh" air from the room rather than heated air from one of the other cards). Results are quite epic. With the settings: Frequency % = 0 Voltage control = manual , with the last…

Vega 56 and ETH - Keep Your Cool

September 18, 2017Category: Hardware
TL;DR: Keep your Vega cool if you want high hash rates! Recently, I've got a AMD Vega RX 56, to see for myself how good it is on mining. If you ignore the power consumption, it's quicker than my RX580 cards. I'm getting 33+MH/s consistently: At the beginning of the session I even got 36MH/s, but…

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