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Applications for EPSO/AD/331/16 - Second Phase

May 12, 2017Category: EPSO
The number of applications are: No. Section Places Candidates Ratio 1 Data Analysis and IT Service 30 88 ~3x 2 Digital Workplace, Office Automation and Mobile Computing 25 75 3x 3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 14 41 ~3x 4 ICT Security 49 147 3x 5 IT Infrastructure 38 112 ~3x 6 IT Portfolio…

What Do You Do - IT Support in Product Management

February 11, 2015Category: Project Management
IT support in product management does exactly what it says on the tin : Organise technical support to the product users. Provide second level support in (domain of competence) to Agency's IT teams Monitor the support services provided by external experts working in-house and by the product vendor…

What Do You Do - Analyse, Develop, Test and Maintain ICT Systems

February 10, 2015Category: Project Management
Someone asked me what is it to do "Analyse, Develop, Test and Maintain ICT Systems" ... Here's a formal description: Timely delivery of ICT systems in the required functionality. Contribute efficiently to the IT governance by applying it and by providing inputs to the further definition of the…

What Do You Do - IT Systems Design

February 7, 2015Category: Project Management
IT systems design is simple (or is it?): Construct and maintain business models and functional architectures that are the basis for the construction of IT systems supporting the business processes Analyse and produce high level design of IT systems HTH,

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