Move SQL Developer Data from the Roaming Profile in Windows

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TL;DR:: Set up IDE_USER_DIR. I have to keep my roaming profile on a diet and this means moving a bunch of default directories around. The latest victim is SQL Developer According to this post, the environment variable to be changed is IDE_USER_DIR. From the post: According to documentation, the IDE_USER_DIR is picked up automatically if set, so there should be no need for an additional conf file set statement in any recent SQL Developer release. If this doesn’t work, you may try editing config files around as described in the…read more

Keycap profiles

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I keep finding myself scouring the internet looking for keyboard profiles. So, for my reference, here’s one of the best images I’ve found so far: HTH, A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)


Get Rid of – iCCP: Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited

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The past weeks I compiled an android app and I was getting: AAPT: …. iCCP: Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited Not so nice. I found out that it was because AAPT is compiled against a newer libpng. Since the PNGs I had were not stock ones, the only way to get rid of these warnings would be to fix the color profile. I tried re-exporting with GIMP to no avail :(. However, according to this post, ImageMagick works. So, here are the steps I did: Install…read more

Braindump: Use a Decorator to Time your Python Function

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In the programs I write these days I use timing methods to profile the code, mainly because I find it easier to split and sum deltas based on functions. For example, I have a script that loads an XML file, parses it into a relational-ish layout, and uploads the layout into a database. Therefore, I end up having to interlace my code with start-end sequences, sums and so on. This approach makes everything more difficult to read and maintain. A Solution If you can arrange your code to measure execution…read more