Change a django password manually

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The other day I’ve been confronted with a strange situation: I forgot the admin password for a django application. I was playing with installing my own pypi repository, I’ve configured and deployed a test application and, after a couple of weeks, I forgot the password. I tried several times bu I knew that I used something silly and… unfortunate. Even worse, the user name I thought I used was not the one I had set up for the test. Oops :) After looking online for options I’ve found the following:…read more

Change Decimal Comma to Dot in Excel Mac

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TL;DR: There are two things you can do: Change in Language & Region -> Advanced… When converting a text to columns, you can specify the delimiter (Step 3 of 3 -> Advanced…) Regional settings The regional settings will affect all applications, not only Excel. Here you can specify the decimal and thousand delimiters: Note: You need to remember that applications will now interpret numbers using the new settings. Excel conversions Sometimes you need to load excel data form e.g. a CSV file, where numbers, currencies are specified using a different…read more

Move Gradle Home

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I’m having some space constraints and I need to move as much as possible to a non-backed-up place. Gradle home (the .gradle directory) has 2.23GB on my computer. A lot, so it must go. The procedure is simple. Just create an environment variable named GRADLE_USER_HOME:

Now all your gradle stuff (e.g .caches) will be dumped there. IMPORTANT! If you have already a with stuff, don’t forget to copy it to the new location! Otherwise, all your niceties will be lost :( HTH, A little experiment: If you find…read more

Handling Change Requests

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As a project manager, I’m striving to improve the workflow for every stakeholder, in order to optimise their efficiency and involvement. Therefore, I devised a process for handling requests. The process The handling process is quite simple: Generate Request The Business Manager collects business requirements and electronically completes the Request For Change (RFC) form. Classify Request and Decision Body The RFC form is discussed and finalised with the IT Project Manager. The RFC form is completed with: A rough estimate of required effort and A classification of the request as…read more

Change a Domain Renewal Order on Blacknight Solutions

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Recently I’ve received a renewal order for domain hosting on Blacknight. Last time, the domain was renewed last year and I wanted to renew it for a longer period (3 years). After a brief chat with the billing customer support, I’ve came up with a list of simple steps, which I’ll be enumerating below. A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)