Sending HTTP requests with Jenkins Pipelines

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As part of the CI/CD process, we might need to communicate with some external services’ APIs (e.g. notifying elastic search of a new index alias). I found an easy way to do it: Using a jenkins plugin. Jenkins plugin Jenkins has a HTTP request plugin. If you install it (or have it installed), you have the ability to send HTTP requests to external servers from Jenkins. Fortunately, this plugin also plays wery well with pipelines. You can sent practically any (REST) command to a destination:

You can customisethe request…read more

Handling Change Requests

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As a project manager, I’m striving to improve the workflow for every stakeholder, in order to optimise their efficiency and involvement. Therefore, I devised a process for handling requests. The process The handling process is quite simple: Generate Request The Business Manager collects business requirements and electronically completes the Request For Change (RFC) form. Classify Request and Decision Body The RFC form is discussed and finalised with the IT Project Manager. The RFC form is completed with: A rough estimate of required effort and A classification of the request as…read more

Create and send an appointment request correctly in Outlook

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The other day I’ve received an attachment win an appointment as an attachment. This is not really the way to get people to come to your meeting. So, I’m listing the correct way here for future reference: Open Outlook (if you don’t already have it open) Go to the calendar view. It should look like this: Click on Invite attendees Add the list of people you want to attend your meeting; Go to Scheduling Assistant; Move the meeting bars until you find a time when everyone can attend (or, if…read more