An Ex-Ante Checklist

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A while ago I had to deal with an ex-ante evaluation. One of the byproducts was a checklist. Here it is: Assessing the needs What is the current state of play? What do people think of it? How can it be improved? Defining objectives Are the objectives described in a clear, realistic manner? Are they coherent with the overall IT objectives of the Company/Institution? Are they coherent with each other? Identifying the target audience (customers) Is the target audience clearly defined? Are the reasons for identifying the target audience well…read more

Handling Change Requests

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As a project manager, I’m striving to improve the workflow for every stakeholder, in order to optimise their efficiency and involvement. Therefore, I devised a process for handling requests. The process The handling process is quite simple: Generate Request The Business Manager collects business requirements and electronically completes the Request For Change (RFC) form. Classify Request and Decision Body The RFC form is discussed and finalised with the IT Project Manager. The RFC form is completed with: A rough estimate of required effort and A classification of the request as…read more

Planning Permission in Belgium

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When you build something, you will need to get a planning permission (most likely). Here are some links I’ve found: Planning permission info (Dutch – translated) Getting a planning permission ( Planning permission ( Planning permission (NL) Belgium is a bit of an odd ball when it comes to getting the permission. Walloons and Flemish have their own rules, and each commune has its own rules too (this would make sense anyway). So, if you’re building your own thing, make sure you go to your commune to ask what you…read more

What Do You Do – Business Analysis

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Here’s a definition of what business analysis actually means: Analyse and evaluate the organisation’s working procedures, working methods and business processes Capture the needs of the Commission services of IT systems to support procedures, methods and processes Simple, eh? HTH, A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)

What Do You Do – IT Support in Product Management

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IT support in product management does exactly what it says on the tin: Organise technical support to the product users. Provide second level support in (domain of competence) to Agency’s IT teams Monitor the support services provided by external experts working in-house and by the product vendor. Test products and installation procedures. HTH, A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)

What Do You Do – Analyse, Develop, Test and Maintain ICT Systems

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Someone asked me what is it to do “Analyse, Develop, Test and Maintain ICT Systems”… Here’s a formal description: Timely delivery of ICT systems in the required functionality. Contribute efficiently to the IT governance by applying it and by providing inputs to the further definition of the actions taking into account the working environment. Ensure that all required deliverables are approved and adequately stored. Where required, timely and well documented written inputs to the response to be provided by the unit to any relevant internal / external consultation or enquiries…read more

What Do You Do – Product Lifecycle Management

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Following tasks enter under Product Lyfecycle Management: Organise, manage, coordinate and supervise the implementation of IT-services and/or IT-projects at a central and/or local level, directly or by subcontracting; define, implement and/or supervise the ICT strategy, policies and procedures. Ensure consistency with current project management methodology (e.g. PM², PMI, Agile) Ensure a coherent informatics environment in terms of technology and resources and organisation; organise and manage the requisite central and decentralised IT services and projects. Perform feasibility, consultancy and/or other studies, analyses and surveys. Contribute to ensure the correct functioning of…read more