An Ex-Ante Checklist
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An Ex-Ante Checklist

An Ex-Ante Checklist

A while ago I had to deal with an ex-ante evaluation. One of the byproducts was a checklist. Here it is:

Assessing the needs

  • What is the current state of play?
  • What do people think of it?
  • How can it be improved?

Defining objectives

  • Are the objectives described in a clear, realistic manner?
  • Are they coherent with the overall IT objectives of the Company/Institution?
  • Are they coherent with each other?

Identifying the target audience (customers)

  • Is the target audience clearly defined?
  • Are the reasons for identifying the target audience well established?
  • Are the stakeholders identified?

Defining the requirements

  • Is/are the requirements defined in accordance to objectives?
  • Is/are the requirements defined taking into account the target audience?
  • Is/are it/they defined in a straightforward, understandable manner?

Identifying the tools (what are we going to do?)

  • Are tools satisfying the objectives/requirements already available?
  • How much of the objectives/requirements can be covered by exiting tools?
  • Do we need to implement (e.g. customise) or develop?

Setting up monitoring

  • Have the monitoring indicators/tools been defined in accordance with objectives?
  • Are they relevant?
  • Are they easily obtainable?

Define the acceptance criteria

  • Have the criteria been defined?
  • Has the timing for evaluation (e.g. ex-post) been decided?
  • Have the impact indicators been outlined?


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