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PyCharm: Change the location of .PyCharmXX

October 1, 2014Category: IT
In the good practice of IntelliJ application, PyCharm creates its own cache directory in your home. Mind you this can get really big (300Mb+) and if you sync your home with a networked drive, you'll get penalised (time-wise). Following this discovery (my login/logout time is up to 30mins because…

Connect PyCharm to SQLite on Windows

January 25, 2014Category: Software
To connect to a SQLite database on PyCharm you have two options: Manual connection and Automatic connection . Manual connection Use the following steps to perform the manual connection: Open the Database tab in PyCharm (usually on the right hand side) Right-click and select the New > Data…

Install Pillow from PyCharm

December 10, 2013Category: Software
My environment on windows has a lot of restrictions, including one to prohibit execution of files placed anywhere else except C:\Windows , C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) . Therefore, the virtual environments resides in something like C:\Program Files\Python\virtualenvs . I've set…

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