Check Duplicated Paths with LoDash (and Angular 2)

One of the things I’m looking at is to be able to create a list of paths I’d want to scan. The first iteration had blind addition to the list. However, this would make the user’s responsibility to manage the duplicated paths, which is not really nice. Therefore, I think it’s a good thing to […]

Simple Floating Point Equality Check in C++

TL;DR: Here you can see a handmade comparison function for floating point values. While working on a C++ project using templates, I had to perform an equality to see if two values are identical. While the == is OK for integer values, it is not really OK for floating point values. At that point, you […]

Fix “Damaged app” Message

TL;DR: Use xattr -rc /location/ (see here). I use to save all my apps on my NAS. The other day I wanted to use an old app for colour palette. I’ve downloaded it from my NAS and…: “MyApplication” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “MyApplication” and download it again from the App Store! What? It’s my […]

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