Set Different Gradle Configurations

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TL;DR: create a global file (in <HOME>/.gradle or GRADLE_USER_HOME if defined). Place there the system specific configuration. The other day I had the unpleasant surprise that Android Studio replicated my proxy settings into and got committed to Git. Including a password (which has since became obsolete). Since my other environment doesn’t use a proxy, I got an error there. Now, the question became: How do I create a single project gradle settings file which would allow me to run smoothly in both places? Although I thought of a…read more

My ProGuard Configuration Base File

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Following my previous proguard entry, I think it’s useful to present my final proguard configuration. I’m starting with my base file (, explaining it along the way (as much as I can understand). Proguard Set-up I have a normal project structure ( <fallpaper>/<app>), and my proguard is configured in <fallpaper>/<app>/build.gradle. The confgiration sequence in my gradle file is:

Proguard Configuration I’m starting by enabling some global flags in my file:

I’m not using the obfuscation yet because it’s silly hard to get it right with some 3rd party…read more

ProGuard and Third Party Libraries – a Strategy

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Today I tried to compile my app for release with proguard. Previously, I skipped proguard, but now I wanted a lean package :). Soon, I got into a bit of a mess, because I noticed I have quite a few libs which need custom proguard rules. So, I ended up with one proguard file per library, included in a master My current structure, as it stands is:

My file is:

This is quite simple to manage and allows me not to modify the main file each…read more

Android – More Speed up Building with Gradle

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In my previous post I described one thing you can easily do to improve the build speed, namely enabling the gradle daemon. In the meantime, things improved quite a bit: Gradle 2.4 (at the moment of writing) has better speed You can run things in parallel now like other build tools (e.g. make ) You can use the “configure on demand” feature even though AS complains a bit about it How do you make it work? Here are the steps: Using Gradle 2.4 I’ve enabled gradle 2.4 for my project…read more

Old Stuff – Dell X200 Battery ACPI

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Recently I’ve found an old USB stick, with some information dating from 2003. One of the things I found is an AML on how to get ACPI to show the battery status properly. Here it is, in case it helps someone: