New laptop – episode 3

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My xorg.conf

Important are the following flags from the device section:

Otherwise, you’ll get the 1024×768 resolution. — This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)

New laptop – episode 2

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.. or in other words, “why, oh, why I did this to myself”… First, the generics. I’m parametrising the distros I’ve tried so far and then I’ll explain what’s my setup now. Several parameters of outside interest are monitored: Sound: If the sound works out of the box or if I had something done to it Graphics: Does X work? how? Network: Cabled, wirelss, bluetooth status Function keys: the (in)famous FN Hardware monitoring: CPU frequency, temperature Some other notes First, I’ve followed Arielo’s detailson setiing up Ubuntu. So I’ve got…read more

New laptop – episode 1

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Well, finally I’ve got myself a new laptop: a Sony SZ1XP. Great machine overall, but with several bad points. One should ponder if these points are really bad… First, the good points: Great screen. And I mean this. I’ve looked upon a large number of screens in my life, and this is the best LCD I’ve used so far. It’s like the PSP screen, just bigger. Horsepower. Well, it looks like compile-wise, it’s almost as good as my x64 desktop. It takes about 33 mins @ 1Ghz to compile the…read more


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Well, I’ve got finally fixated on a laptop. To make my life miserable, I’ve picked up a top of the range sony vaio (the SZ1XP/C to be precise). It’s supposed to have a life of 5-7 hours which is good for me when travelling to Milan. It’s also a Sony, which means that lots of it’s features are not supported on linux. HA! Let’s hope X works :) — This is a really old post published originally on my blogspot blog A little experiment: If you find this post and…read more

Testing laptops

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Friday I went to Milan and I got into Fnac there. I got the chance to feel some of the laptops and here are my impressions about things: Sony, the 15.4in wide screen Core duos: lovely screen but low resolution; I’ve been told they last only 3.3 hours. Also the keyboard looks a bit flimsy (read: crap, disappointing) I have the feeling that if I get to cross my hand above the keyboard with a jumper, I’m bound to pick up a key and pull it out. Toshiba. They supposingly…read more

Hail to the age of the Laptop

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Interesting reading these days the press on computers… C|Net says laptops are the thing now, core duo is the thing now blah-di-blah. In fairness, this is the age of the laptop. Also, several factors come into place with this one. Here’s my take: portability. I’m thinking that it’s infinitely more convenient the take in various sci-fi movies where one just plugs in a device in a socket, and have your whatever (replace with: presentation, saved game, charts, data etc) “pop up” on the screen. However, the small thing like “the…read more

A laptop survey

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Several weeks since the anouncement of dual cores, and more and more vendors pop up with interesting machines… The latest with reviews would be Sony. The FE series would be (from sonystyle): Intel Core Duo Processor T2500 (2GHz,2MB L2 Cache) DVD+R Double Layer/DVD+-RW Drive 1GB RAM and 120GB hard drive 15.4″ Widescreen5 LCD with XBRITE-HiColor Technology The bright screen is lovely, but I wonder why there’s no resolution higher than WXGA. You can practically see the squares on a 15.4 in screen… ASUS is another contender with lots of laptops…read more

New laptop

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Im hunting for a new laptop these days. Laura’s screen went dead just a couple of weeks after the warranty expired and Dell guys were quite unhelpful, asking for a 700Eur to replace the screen on a 900Eur laptop. HA! So there’s my perfect excuse: I gave her my X200 and I’m gonna get a new one (after I “transform” the messed up one in some kind of desktop). Good for the timing as the Yonah chipsets were just announced :) So, my options right now are:’ a Dell (yeah,…read more