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Friday I went to Milan and I got into Fnac there. I got the chance to feel some of the laptops and here are my impressions about things:

  1. Sony, the 15.4in wide screen Core duos: lovely screen but low resolution; I’ve been told they last only 3.3 hours. Also the keyboard looks a bit flimsy (read: crap, disappointing) I have the feeling that if I get to cross my hand above the keyboard with a jumper, I’m bound to pick up a key and pull it out.
  2. Toshiba. They supposingly last longer (I’ve reared of about 4 hours), but the big models are REALLY BIG. The screen is good as contrast, the keyboard is good too…
  3. Acer. Great keyboard. unfortunately, fnac there didnt have any core duos. The travelmate seems acceptable as laptop though. From what I’ve seen there is an issue in the sense that there are no crystalbrite screens with very high resolution.
  4. Powerbook. Damn the single-button trackpad. I’d love to have a manufacturer put in 2 button trackpad instead: pimp my ‘book!
  5. No asus laptops there. I’d love to go and get my hands on an asus…
  6. No Lenovo’s either.

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