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Compose a variable from a combination in Ansible

April 6, 2022Categories: it, tutorial
The other day I was confronted with a bit of a problem in Ansible: I have a role with a docker_container where I use two variables, one defining the user ( role_user ) and one defining the group ( role_group ). When both the user and group are defined, they specify the UID and GID respectively…

Careful as you go!

April 2, 2022Categories: it, tutorial
Yesterday I tried to set up Authentik , but it was failing in gunicorn with an obscure message that a file could not be accessed. I got very frustrated and enabled debug logging in Authentik's server, and I let it run. Big mistake! I forgot about it and the next day I noticed that none of the…

I Declare Defeat - Mount NFS in Docker

October 20, 2020Category: IT
Today I've tried to mount a NFS into a docker volume via the following means: Mount the NFS on the host and create a docker volume using the absolute path Create a docker volume via NFS Both variants have failed miserably, in hte sense that I could get the docker container to "see" it, but read-only…

Setup Ansible on CentOS 8

October 17, 2020Category: IT
Today I've started to set up my ESXI CentOS hosts. I wanted to automate everything, including the ansible installation, but I figured it's much easier to write up the commands. Preparation Unfortunately, Ansible is not a pure CentOS package, but EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux). So…

Set up MacOS on ESXi

April 25, 2020Category: IT
I've decided to use Ansible to set up a virtual VM with MacOS. I used to have a mac or two, but my hardware is obsolete now (Intel core 2 duo, anyone?) and I can't justify paying a couple of thousand Euros every few years for what practically amounts to renting machines. I've got a while ago a…

My Ansible References

April 15, 2020Category: IT
I've had it with setting up things manually. I've always said I'll automate everything so I make my live easier, but the progress on adding FreeNas jails and configuring them was soo much fun.. Now' I've decided to stop and step back a bit. I have already began dabbing with Ansible, but this time…

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