Qt: Embedding Multiple Widgets in a Menu Item – 2004 style

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TL;DR: This post is about an experience I had in 2004 and it’s part of my consolidating technical posts I wrote in time. It may or may not be relevant to today’s technologies. One night in October 2004 (WOW! it’s almost 10 years!!) I decided that it should be possible to group a bunch of widgets (back-to-back) in a menu entry. ..Ahh, the stress :).. First, I tried “java style” (aka look on the net, maybe some other manic already did it). Either I was too tired, or it just…read more

DBus and Qt programming – part 2

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Note: This is a really old post which was originally published in 2007. Stuff may have changed since both with Qt and D-BUS The D-Bus translation First, note the “arg0” annotation, required for the struct type:

This actually helps the qdbusxml2cpp to typ-ify the generated code. On the client (controller) part, we use the following command:

On the server (car) part, use the command:

for the same car.xml file. The XML resulted from the introspection description for structer is translated by the Qt into:

aka first…read more

DBus and Qt programming

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For the past few days I’ve been trying to get more complex data sent via D-Bus. As one would say here in Ireland: Je’zus H. Christ Playing with python was easy. There are lots of examples on communicating complex data structures. But with Qt… It’s a bit more complex, because there are only a set of simple examples. A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please check the ad out :-)

Some updates…

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Note: This is a really old post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. First message! I’ve got my first D-BUS message sent from the style UI to the server. It’s an “add style” message, but there’s not much beyond this progress. The upside is that I think the D-BUS Qt API is quite mature and stable. Well, it should be: D-BUS has finally reached 1.0, and the API is at it’s second or third iteration… A little experiment: If you find this post and ad below useful, please…read more

Qt4 IDEs

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Note: This is a post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. Qt4 is quite a nice piece of work. too bad that not too many devel tools actually support it in a decent way… I’ve tried: kdevelop nedit/emacs Cobras Monkey Studio eclipse I’ve got yet to try QDevelop which looks nice Visual Studio Here’s a summary of these tools: Kdevelop I’ve tried kdevelop off kde4 (3.80) to no avail… Why does it have a D-Bus dependency??? Kdevelop off kde 3.x (3.5.5 here) is an impressive tool. Looks and…read more

Ever Closer

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I’m playing with D-Bus, QT4 and looking at KDE4…… KDE4 is a mess right now. I’m waiting for it’s next build because I have to launch stuff by hand now. aka it ain’t working. D-Bus in Qt4 however is usable and I’m playing with interfaces for my style thing. If I can, I’ll try to implement the dbus communication over the week-end. Then, the cool stuff will happen: The daemon with it’s repository The controller (daemon manager front-end) and finally the style implementation. I hope to have a preview in…read more

Wireless update

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Well, I’ve updated my laptop and desktop to SuSE 9.2. Is very nice, but still the profile switching is a bit heavy-duty for me (all I need is to change wireless networks automatically…). So I’m back writing my wireless daemon and now I’m having fun with QDom* and XML in python :) I’ve got a key manager finished and a wireless setup object almost done (can load from XML). Now I need to add the IP object(s) to be able to do the IP setup too (so I can have…read more