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Create a jail with DHCP on ESXi

May 23, 2020Category: IT
I am in process of moving some functions from my old and trusted Synology box on the freenas . I want to also automatise most of things in case I need to recreate them again. The first step in my process is to create jails, with DHCP. Process is straight-forward via the UI: I hit a snag when I…

Set up MacOS on ESXi

April 25, 2020Category: IT
I've decided to use Ansible to set up a virtual VM with MacOS. I used to have a mac or two, but my hardware is obsolete now (Intel core 2 duo, anyone?) and I can't justify paying a couple of thousand Euros every few years for what practically amounts to renting machines. I've got a while ago a…

Restore a NIC from passthrough via CMD in ESXI

February 12, 2020Category: IT
These days I'm trying ot set up a do-it-all server for the house. I have tried to configure the SFP+ NICs with direct access for VMs. Now, I've had a side effect: The NIC was not available for the management network. As a result, I could no longer configure the VMs via the UI. Restore NIC back I…

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