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Set up NGINX reverse Proxy for Gitea (HTTP)

May 29, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
Today I am setting up reverse proxies for some of my applications. While I'm comfortable with using IP addresses, I recognize the usefulness of having a nice name like git.laurii.lan instead of . First on the list is the git repository where I have some code (including the ansible…

Allow Docker Container Access Behind Proxy

November 10, 2017Categories: IT, Tutorial
In the previous post , I've described how to build an image when you're behind a proxy. Now, if your container needs access to the internet for e.g. downloading python dependencies, you'll need to give it explicitly. The way to do it is via -e parameter (environment) of docker run . You can…

Use Docker Behind Proxy on Windows 8

September 21, 2017Categories: Software, Tutorial
The other day I had to install Docker at work, aka behind a corporate proxy (on Windows 8). While the docker installer is stand-alone and all is good, dealing with the VM is a different matter... The problem popped up when I tried to create a Django image and pip install failed miserably. To get…

Pass Through a Corporate Proxy in Java

October 26, 2016Categories: Software, Tutorial
TL;DR: There's no easy way to create a proxy :) I've tried for a while to build a way to request something through a proxy, for testing an emulated android app. The solution came from Octavian who kindly provided me a snippet to run once per app lifetime. It tackles the problem from two fronts…

Inject Proxy Settings in Selenium/Chrome

October 24, 2016Categories: Software, Tutorial
I have the following situation: I'm behind a corporate proxy and I need to run a test accessing an external website. To do this, I've picked up chrome/chromium as driver of choice. My current solution implies an authentication via plugin. The plugin The chrome plugin is essentially 2 files: a…

Set Different Gradle Configurations

September 19, 2016Categories: IT, Tutorial
TL;DR : create a global file (in <HOME>/.gradle or GRADLE_USER_HOME if defined). Place there the system specific configuration. The other day I had the unpleasant surprise that Android Studio replicated my proxy settings into and got committed to Git…

Install and Use Package Control Behind Proxy

August 22, 2016Categories: IT, Tutorial
TL;DR : Install Package Control manually. Add the proxy settings to the configuration file as described in step 2 below. Today I've had to install Sublime Text 3 again on a new computer. Package control didn't want to install due to my proxy settings (I was getting a 407 error code - Proxy…

Set Up Concourse Behind a Proxy

April 7, 2016Category: IT
TL;DR : Most important thing is to find out if your proxy mangles/removes headers. If yes, then you need to contact your IT department. I've got the following error: Get : net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting…

Gradle(w) and Proxy Authentication

June 18, 2015Category: Software
The recent updates in Android Studio eliminate the possibility of passing JVM arguments to gradle. That's quite unfortunate because I quite liked my solution and now I was getting a (not) nice Connection refused message... So I had to find a different solution. Environment Variable As always…

Make Spotify Web Player Work Behind Proxy

January 26, 2015Category: IT
Apparently, productivity increases when you listen to (the right type of) music. So, my medicine these days is Spotify. To make your proxy woes go away, try to use . If that doesn't work, you're out of luck.

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