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Content Tagged "application"

Change a django password manually

May 4, 2016Category: Software
The other day I've been confronted with a strange situation: I forgot the admin password for a django application. I was playing with installing my own pypi repository, I've configured and deployed a test application and, after a couple of weeks, I forgot the password. I tried several times bu I…

Fix "Damaged app" Message

November 17, 2015Category: IT
TL;DR : Use xattr -rc /location/ (see here ). I use to save all my apps on my NAS. The other day I wanted to use an old app for colour palette. I've downloaded it from my NAS and...: “MyApplication” is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete “MyApplication” and download it again from…

Picking Colours for Your Application

November 5, 2015Category: Software
While working to get a theme for my new app Epso View (Play and Amazon ), I've identified two types of websites: Inspiration (like dribbble or materialup ) Combinations (like colourlovers or materialui ) You can use the inspiration sites to get inspired; what colours work together, would…

Easy django applications with cookiecutter

February 20, 2014Category: Software
Now I'm trying to create a bunch of django applications and I've got tired of creating everything from scratch. So, here are the steps I'm using to easy create a new django app: Create a new virtual environment . This is vital. It allows you to set up your own versions, not pollute the default…

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