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Web Services from Scratch - 1. Infrastructure

August 11, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I've started writing my first web service with Spring . It started as something simple (check periodically if a site is active), but it evolved more and more as requirements and over-engineering creped in. This post lists the tings I set up now so I can make my life easier later. I will refer to…

Redis on Windows - Save RDB but Not Able to Persist

September 23, 2017Categories: IT, Tutorial
TL;DR : My windows service wasn't installed properly. Change the config file to point the DB to an accessible directory and reinstall the service. When trying to build a perioduc Celery task, I got the following error with Redis on Windows (running as a windows service): redis.exceptions…

Launch a timed service - Strategies

December 17, 2014Category: Software
An app I am writing at the moment needs to have a periodic timer, i.e. a way to run a bit of code at regular intervals. After digging through different sources, I've found two recommended patterns to code such behaviour: Using a periodic alarm: Android has the concept of periodic alarms (think an…

Android: Display a Notification

October 13, 2014Category: Software
One of the applications I'm thinking about I want it designed like the notification-based applications you see out there (Light Flow from reactle comes to mind). To be able to do this, I first need the app to display a notification on the device as a first step. The code to trigger a notification…

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