Fix Jenkins Ignored Plugin “Check Now”

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TL;DR: Check if a browser extension is blocking your request when you click Check Now While playing more with jenkins, I’ve encountered an error while requesting Check Now for plugin updates: it seemed that my request got ignored. I’ve tried different URLs (with and without HTTPS, stable or not) with the same result: my request seemed to be ignored. I’ve assumed first there’s a proxy error or some limitation on the server side. The logs however didn’t reveal anything. Then, I’ve checked the browser side and I’ve found that my…read more

HTTP 400 Bad Request with docker-maven-plugin

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TL;DR: Check your Dockerfile (try to build it manually) before anything else! Today I was struggling with a 400 error: Exception caught: Request error: POST 400: HTTP 400 Bad Request -> [Help 1] when building an image with the docker-maven-plugin. After installing and uninstalling docker, cleaning up certificates etc, I figured out my setup had nothing to do with it. Instead, there was a configuration error or the docker file. More specific, I was using alpine and I forgot the RUN prefix to a command. I’ve tried to dun…read more

Easy Volumio Plugin Development

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The past few days I’ve been struggling with building a volume controller plugin for volumio. My initial routine would be something like: edit the source code on a PC zip the code and some node_modules bundled from another plugin load the plugin in volumio This presents several issues: Slow deployment cycle (even if partially automated) Unable to restart volumio without rebooting New way I’ve been looking for more info and I’ve devised a new process: Create the plugin on the raspberry pi You need to download all the prerequisites (e.g….read more

Tweak Paths with Gulp-Connect

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I’ve recently started to work on a front-end project using nodejs, gulp, bower and angular. Its back-end is a java application and it’s configured like this: Serve all the UI (frontend) from a /static path (…) Serve all the API-related URLs with a /dynamic prefix Serve the index.html file (which is part off the front-end) from the root ( This is a very nice separation and makes things much clearer for newbies (like me), but I found out the hard way that it creates me some problems as well. The…read more

A Mini-List of Useful (Gulp) Plug-ins

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I’m currently starting with nodejs, gulp and bower as part of a front-end project I’m working on. Here are some plugins for gulp I found and which help me with a cleaner, more featured build system. gulp-connect Gulp-connect is capable of starting a small web server on your local machine. This is nice for development and testing. Once you couple it with live reload and watcher tasks, you can trigger page reload every time you update things. connect-modrewrite This is a complement to gulp-connect and allows you to use rewrite…read more

Fix CodeIris plugin in Android Studio

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TL;DR: For the combination of AS 1.2beta and CodeIris 1.13 beta, go to your .AndroidStudioPreview12/config/plugins/CodeIris-Idea/lib and remove your groovy-all jar file. I wanted to get an UML representation of my classes and one plugin I found was CodeIris. Unfortunately, when I tired to install it, I could not get my project to reload. Bummer. Here are the steps I did to fix it: Close AS Go to .AndroidStudio/system/log and clean it up. Is nicer Open AS Open the log file in your .AndroidStudio/system/log directory Go towards the end and identify…read more