Speed-up easy-thumbnails on S3

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I was developing a small app as a playground and confidence builder, choosing django, heroku and S3 as resources. One of the packages used is easy-thumbnails. Behaviour I chose to use the easy-thumbnails app with S3, a possibility granted by the storages framework. At a glance, everything works OK; thumbnails are created and rendered accordingly. However, on a thumbnail-heavy page, I (and my profiling app) noticed significant load times (3s for a page with 7 thumbnails). Drilling down, it became evident that something was checking the S3 bucket for each…read more

Improve S3Boto Django-Storages Performance with Custom Settings

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Django-storages is a great piece of software. It provides an uniform API for all kind of file storage backends, including Amazon’s S3. I use it for storing assets (the /static/ and /media/) for my django app. However, particularly with the /static/ assets, I’ve noticed firebug/yslow complaining of performance, so I’ve decided to dig in more into settings. First, there are some nice articles to help you deciding what you need to improve performance (you can find even more with a simple search). These provided some hints where to start from….read more