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SoundMachine Build Log 02

June 23, 2017Categories: Hardware, Tutorial
I've decided to put in a knob to control the volume directly on the box itself. It will be controlled by volumio itself via a plugin, much like the GPIO Buttons plugin. Since this is really a development kit approach, the hardware consists of: A KY-040 rotary encoder and A screw-based prototype…

SoundMachineBuild Log 01

June 15, 2017Categories: Hardware, Tutorial
A while ago I've decided to try my hand at replacing my Sonos system with a DIY version of a sound system. I have two reasons to do this: I think it's going to be fun and I have a bunch of FLAC files at odd resolutions which are not really playable by the Sonos system. After giving it some thought…

Sonos sound system

October 31, 2010Category: Hardware
Note: This is a really old post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. We were sick and tired of having to switch on the TV (and the amp) to be able to listen to music from the Popcorn Hour. So I started to investigate what sort of streaming systems are available. The…

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