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ELI5 - Injection Concepts

August 9, 2014Category: Software
TL;DR: Injection is the process to automatically initialise variables (or parameters) when building an instance. I'we tried to wrap my head around dagger for a few days until I realised I was missing actually the concept of injections in java (to my defense, I stopped using recent java releases…

Install lxml on windows (on a virtualenv)

January 22, 2014Category: Software
Lxml is a nice python library for XML processing. ETree is really quick, which makes things interesting if you have a large amount of XML files (or a bigger one) to process. Installation on linux/mac is painless (OK, you need homebrew on mac to make int painless, but you get my point...). The…

Deploy django application with private dependencies on dotcloud

January 28, 2013Category: Software
Update: This is an outdated entry. DotCloud went to cloudControl , which joined ExoScale These days I'm trying to deploy an application on a something quicker than my shared host ( ). Not that there's anything wrong with this provider (this blog is on it), but the latency is a bit…

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