Load FontAwesome Fonts with Webpack 2

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TL;DR:: Add the (s)css dependency to your main (s)css file and specify where to find the fonts too. Then use the proper loaders in your webpack.config.js file. The past few days I had trouble loading the font-awesome fonts with webpack. I tried quite a few solutions: Using the font-awesome-sass-loader Manual solution webpack + font-awesome test Looking at SO (How to configure font file output directory …) and so on… Nothing seemed to work propoerly. I either had the fonts ignored or got errors of files not found. Finally, I have…read more

BIOS Loads from 0x7c00

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Today I was investigating a bug where a simple program wasn’t executing properly. It emerged that BIOS loads the code from the MBR at 0x7c00. Relevant info reproduced here: The (legacy) BIOS checks bootable devices for a boot signature, a so called magic number. The boot signature is in a boot sector (sector number 0) and it contains the byte sequence 0x55, 0xAA at byte offsets 510 and 511 respectively. When the BIOS finds such a boot sector, it is loaded into memory at 0x0000:0x7c00 (segment 0, address 0x7c00). (However,…read more

Stream from a String Instead of CIN in C++

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TL;DR: You can stream from a string instead of STDIN. Code is simple and is listed below. A project I did recently had a requirement to overload the >> operator use and STDIN to load data. The problem was not the overload itself, but the fact that testing would introduce a manual side. To get around that, I needed a way to stream data from a string instead of STDIN. The solution is presented below:

To use it, all you need to do is: Create a string:

It…read more

Load Glyphs with LibGDX

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TL;DR: Remember to give the font loader the list of characters to render from the font! I’m trying to get a more resolution-independent mechanism to load simple shapes in place. After investigating SVG loading for several days I got nowhere. Then, I found out that libGDX actually supports vector fonts (TTF). Woo-hoo! Internally, it’ll convert the loaded font to a BitmapFont, for a specific size (if you want to use the same font with different sizes, you’ll have to load and store it accordingly). Preliminary stuff It is important (to…read more

Add XML to PostgreSQL from Python

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One of the projects I worked on was to import a large number of XML files in a PostgreSQL database (as XML files). I chose python to do it. Here are the steps: Database The data source is the SCOPUS database which has a silly number of entries (approx 20,000,000), most containing 2 XML files (article and citations). The publications with no citations don’t have the citations.xml file. Therefore, initial database has a single table named scpous_data with the following fields: id – string of 20 characters. This is the…read more

Load a CSV File with Header in Postgres via Psycopg

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My task is to create a script to load a bunch of files into a DB model. The files are CSV, with quoted strings and headers. Postgres has a COPY command which I find fabulous for loading data. unfortunately, the psycopg implementations copy_from() , copy_to() and copy_expert() have very few examples and I found their usage a bit of a challenge. Solution Initially, I thought of opening the file, parsing it myself and perform a copy_from() like in the other script dealing with XML (aka lots of work). I had…read more