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Remove Large Files in Git

September 6, 2018Categories: Software, Tutorial
TL;DR: BFG is your friend. java -jar bfg.jar -b 50M myrepo-bfg.git for example The other day I've committed a rather large file by mistake (generated movie of the git commit history). This was a bit annoying because all other developers would have suddenly to check out a 1G file :( with no LFS…

Avoid Typing Password on Git Every Time on Windows

April 14, 2016Category: IT
Today I've updated Android Studio and, when I wanted to fetch stuff from git, it failed (connection issues). Initially, I thought it was because I'm behind a proxy, but all proxy settings were working OK (unchanged, also command line worked just fine). Apparently, the git plugin doesn't ask (anymore…

Git Tagging a New Version

February 5, 2015Category: Software
Here is my way of generating version numbers of an application: The version number convention is: Major - a major version represents fundamental changes to the application, important feature(s) etc. Minor - a minor update means new feature extensions (e.g. adding new visual effects to an app) or…

Simple steps to deploy app to Heroku

August 9, 2013Category: IT
The past days I've been trying to find a cloud provider to deploy an app to. So, until docker becomes a bit easier and flynn up and running, I'll stick with one of the known ones, i.e. heroku . I've been trying to get a simple list of heroku deployment steps for a while and after watching a…

Deploy django application with private dependencies on dotcloud

January 28, 2013Category: Software
Update: This is an outdated entry. DotCloud went to cloudControl , which joined ExoScale These days I'm trying to deploy an application on a something quicker than my shared host ( ). Not that there's anything wrong with this provider (this blog is on it), but the latency is a bit…

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