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Replace a colour in an image with imagemagick

June 8, 2016Categories: IT, Tutorial
I had to change the colour of some monochrome icons for a personal project, from black to something else (i.e. not black). I've tried in python with PIL. Unfortunately, my attempts to use ImageOps failed miserably, because I'm working with RGBA images, not RGB :(. Of course, one could separate…

LibGDX drawPixel has Wrong Colours

January 17, 2016Category: Software
TL;DR: Note that Pixmap.drawPixel(x, y, colour) expects a RGBA8888 colour, even if the pixmap is not RGBA8888 . Today I wanted to create a background with a bunch of different pixels and I had a lot of problems, displaying different colours from what I had in my array. The process is simple…

Create a Background with Vertical Lines of Different Colours

January 17, 2016Category: Software
I've got a list of colours (RGB) in an array and I want to build a background with vertical lines, each representing a colour from my list. The process is too simple to put in a TL;DR :) If my list of colours is, Array<Vector3> cols, then the process is as follows: Create a pixmap: Set one pixel…

Picking Colours for Your Application

November 5, 2015Category: Software
While working to get a theme for my new app Epso View (Play and Amazon ), I've identified two types of websites: Inspiration (like dribbble or materialup ) Combinations (like colourlovers or materialui ) You can use the inspiration sites to get inspired; what colours work together, would…

Material Palette Resources

April 7, 2015Category: IT
Today I wanted to change the colours of my app (still in alpha). Since I want to be material , I went looking for material links. Here are some things I found: A Stack Exchange question on how to programmatically generate a monochromatic palette - cool material picker…

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