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Steaua, the babies

April 28, 2006Category: Random
My fav team crashed out of the UEFA cup in style: leading with 2-0 (3-0 on aggregate), they managed to concede 4 goals in 60 minutes. It's disappointing, but not as bad as when they sold the game to PSG and lost 5-0 with a penalty in the first minute. Hope Middlesborough will win the cup; they…


November 17, 2004Category: Random
Yesterday I've played badminton with my new club :) I'm yet to formally enroll, but the lads (and ladies) were quite nice and let me play. after a warm-up with one of the good guys there, i got to play doubles. for the first time. ..ever :). rather complicated, especially because I don't know how to…

Go Feroe!

October 14, 2004Category: Random
Went yesterday to watch Ireland vs Feroe Islands! Good crack I'd say. Value compared, the Faeroese played better than Irish, although at the end of the day only the points count, and Ireland got all 3 of them. On a sidenote, it was a good opportunity to find new stuff about the islands. Like there…

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