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Install paperless-ng: Set up Shares

July 14, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
Today I'm starting to install paperless-ng to finally put an order in the mount of documents I have. This is a necessity because, with the construction of the house, we've amassed a silly number of PDFs (and other documents) and it becomes rather hard to have them in folders with no real search…

Install paperless-ng: Install paperless

July 14, 2021Categories: it, tutorial
I've finished setting up the shares , so it's time now oto install paperless. The repository has an installation via docker compose and via ansible. I need a combination of the two, with the NAS on top, so I've decided to follow this approach to convert the docker compose file to a list of…

Run a Rundeck Command as a Different User

September 6, 2018Categories: Software, Tutorial
TL;DR: Add the rundeck user to the sudoers and then use sudo Installing rundeck on Ubuntu usually results in creating a rundeck user. We had a bunch of issues creating a rundeck job because we needed to execute a command as a specific user (only that user had access to some resources…

Change a django password manually

May 4, 2016Category: Software
The other day I've been confronted with a strange situation: I forgot the admin password for a django application. I was playing with installing my own pypi repository, I've configured and deployed a test application and, after a couple of weeks, I forgot the password. I tried several times bu I…

Change the Display Name in Google Groups

April 6, 2015Category: IT
By default, the groups you're subscribed to show your user name (e.g. the first part from your email address -- before the @ symbol). To change this to show your full name (if you want it), follow the steps below: Click on the group's name Click on Members (on the right on my screen) Click on your…

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