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House log - Today's Summary

February 20, 2020Category: House
Tasks for the day Check the water works (done) Waterworks Today was the day where the water company was supposed to come and perform the connection. We went relatively early in the morning with the wooden planks to see the progress. When we arrived, the guys were well on their way. I talked with the…

House log - Today's Summary

February 19, 2020Category: House
Tasks for the day Finish ordering the sinks (done) Go to the building site (done) Get the final price for the house (done) Ordering the sinks Yesterday we had a final chat with the architect and they told us we'll need to put tiles on the wall to accommodate a very nice sink we found: Instead, now…

House log - Today's Summary

February 17, 2020Category: House
Tasks for the day Ask Electricien Belgium for more details (done) - update on 18/02 Go see stones for the island worktop (done) See the fridge at the Liebherr place (outside brussels) Add the extra fences for the back (partially done) Electricians I have asked Electricien Belgium to provide a…

House Log - Finally Pushed the Button

January 24, 2019Category: House
On 14/01/19 we pushed the button and submitted the file to the Commune. This happens after the file was put in via an online site on 26/09/2018, but our architect forgot to notify us that we needed to sign online. So we've both pushed the button and the Commune can receive the file. Now the fun…

Monitor Docker Logs with ELK - 1

December 12, 2017Categories: IT, Tutorial
Following my attempts to monitor ethOS data via ElasticSearch and Kibana , I've thought it would be a good idea to start monitoring the logs produced by my various docker instances. This first part deals with configuring ELK and logspout . Prerequisites I assume the following: ELK is…

Check Computer Started without Admin Provileges

September 12, 2017Categories: IT, Tutorial
TL;DR : open the Event viewer , select the Windows Logs > System and Filter Current Log to the desired interval. Or you can scroll to the earliest entry of the day you need (more irritating because the event window doesn't refresh when scrolling). The other day I needed to find out when an…

SoundMachine Build Log 02

June 23, 2017Categories: Hardware, Tutorial
I've decided to put in a knob to control the volume directly on the box itself. It will be controlled by volumio itself via a plugin, much like the GPIO Buttons plugin. Since this is really a development kit approach, the hardware consists of: A KY-040 rotary encoder and A screw-based prototype…

SoundMachineBuild Log 01

June 15, 2017Categories: Hardware, Tutorial
A while ago I've decided to try my hand at replacing my Sonos system with a DIY version of a sound system. I have two reasons to do this: I think it's going to be fun and I have a bunch of FLAC files at odd resolutions which are not really playable by the Sonos system. After giving it some thought…

House Log - current phase

October 27, 2016Category: House
We are quite disappointed on the progress (or lack thereof) of the house. We are thinking on the following: Communication - We have to work to improve it: We had twice delay with no feedback (first with the green light letter, second with the architect) We need to improve transparency of activities…

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