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Fix 418 Unused Error on Dreamhost

September 6, 2018Category: IT
TL;DR: Have a look at the error log and then to the violated rule. Suddenly, I started to get 418 errors on one of my sites. I'd just get 418 from the source and as they say: that was that . Normally, I don't even notice such errors, but this one broke a bunch of pages. The 418 errors look in…

WordPress with HTTPS on Dreamhost and CloudFlare

January 25, 2017Categories: IT, Tutorial
Today I've got my blog work over HTTPS, including admin. Woo-hoo! Below are the steps I used to do it. Prerequisites My configuration is as follows: Hosting on Use CloudFlare free account Wordpress 4.7.1 at the time of writing Initialisation From the Dreamhost Panel, select Domains…

Dreamhost outage

March 15, 2011Category: Hardware
Note: This is a really old post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. I've been experiencing some outage from my hosting service. Apparently, it's getting better. Update : It's almost fixed now.

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