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Add a new Plex server to your list (TrueNas)

August 7, 2020Category: IT
TL;DR : User the server's IP address, not its (local) name. Once the sever is configured , it's time to add it to your account. To do that, you need to open the server in the browser. Unfortunately, Plex doesn't work very well with names (mdns). My server was named cinema.home.lan . I could set it…

Find your cake day on Reddit

May 30, 2016Categories: IT, Tutorial
The past couple of days I've seen a raise in "cake date" posts on reddit . I'm probably behind the trend on this one, but I never paid attention to the dates I open an account. Nevertheless... I had to find mine, so here's a quick tutorial: Log in into your Reddit account (d'oh!), Go to RSS feeds…

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