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Some Resources for Sony Alpha Development

October 9, 2017Categories: Idea, Software
Every time I get a gadget I think of building something for it. Since I've gotten a Sony A6000 things are not different, particularly because I have some issues with the default Sony Android app requiring GPS location (and insisting not to work without it). Therefore, I would like to build an app…

Easy Volumio Plugin Development

June 28, 2017Categories: Software, Tutorial
The past few days I've been struggling with building a volume controller plugin for volumio. My initial routine would be something like: edit the source code on a PC zip the code and some node_modules bundled from another plugin load the plugin in volumio This presents several issues: Slow…


November 16, 2007Category: Hardware
Note: This is a really old post transferred from Laurii for historical and consolidation purposes. Last week I've got an iPhone! :) 8G. Cute little toy... I've managed to compile the toolchain for linux last night and installed my first compiled app: the . I'm quite pleased with…

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