Git Tagging a New Version
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Git Tagging a New Version

Git Tagging a New Version

Here is my way of generating version numbers of an application:

  • The version number convention is:

    • Major - a major version represents fundamental changes to the application, important feature(s) etc.
    • Minor - a minor update means new feature extensions (e.g. adding new visual effects to an app) or new permission requests
    • Patch - usually this is necessary for bug fixes or cosmetic changes (read: no new functionality to be added)

    This means that a version could be 0.4.0, no "v" in front.

  • Once the version is established, create the git tag:

    git tag -a "<major>.<minor>.<patch>" -m "tag description"
    # e.g. git tag "1.0.0" -m "First release"
  • and commit it:

    git push origin "<major>.<minor>.<patch>"

Mind you that currently, the build script will show something like 0.4.0 - <commit key> if you do further commits after the tag is created.

PS: I wrote this because it's not something I do often and I end up looking online on how to tag and commit stuff...