A Workflow for a Client's Car Insurance
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A Workflow for a Client's Car Insurance

Here's a simple insurance workflow process so a client can get a quote quickly.
A Workflow for a Client's Car Insurance

Many-a-year ago, I had a brush with the insurance industry. I cam in believing the premiums were more or less (high) random numbers taking into acount the age, a car's engine power and ... its color. I was somewhat surprised to find out there are statistics and maths (probabilities) behind. Of course, at the end of the day!

I played with workflows at the time and I found a draft one recently, for a quote application process. It sounds like this:

  1. User enters risk data on main form including up to three additional drivers and one vehicle.
  2. User submits this data.
  3. Two quotes are displayed, comprehensive and TPF&T (Third Party Fire and Theft). The comprehensive quote includes windscreen protection, the TPF&T quote does not.
  4. The user can add optional covers including a protected NCD (No-Claim Discount), an alternative excess and breakdown cover.
  5. When happy with the quote the user can apply only for either, leading to a further information gathering page.
  6. Further information includes Address, Phone Number and Vehicle Registration number.
  7. Once received, the Policy Status is now “New Business – Unpaid”. This is visible to the client.
  8. User is then presented with a card payment screen which authorises via a payment system.
  9. Assuming payment is successful then an EDI message is transmitted via secure FTP and a successful file transmission is confirmed (internal). - A file needs to be transmitted to a remote folder hosted by a third party, this file contains the risk details. There is a specification detailing the format of the file.
  10. Data is saved in local database (internal).
  11. Client is emailed a PDF statement of facts and schedule of cover.
  12. Policy Status is now “On Cover – awaiting cover docs”.