A Process of Starting Monitoring
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A Process of Starting Monitoring

A Process of Starting Monitoring

The other day I had an idea to create a site to allow people to start monitoring mining rates with a view later to provide alarms and the likes. Niche stuff...



The process I cooked up for this has several steps:

  1. User gets a new ID
  2. User can get a configuration file (with the ID) and a generic script which relays the info to the website
  3. User can launch the script and start monitoring

This approach allows users to anonymously monitor their activities using the site.

Later, the process can be complemented by:

  • a sign-up procedure
  • an alternative to step 1) to allow users to see an ID's public metrics


Actual process would be something like:

  1. Get ID or See One
    • Get ID - would generate an ID
    • See One - would display some dashboard for each ID. Users with accounts can customise(?) their dashboards
  2. Get config file
  3. Get software or Write your Own
  4. Start monitoring

It would be easy for a bfgminer/cgminer based outfit. For custom miners, I'd either look forward to some data to process, or open up the API so customisers would be able to communicate with the site.

What do you think?

PS: In an unrelated thing: apparently you can mine bitcoins with JS! OMG!