Going selfhosted - initial thoughts
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Going selfhosted - initial thoughts

Going selfhosted - initial thoughts
Photo by Thomas Jensen / Unsplash

Couple of months ago I got notified that my hosting provider would increase their prices, with about 20%. On one side, I'm surprised that it happened only now (I have started witht them in 2014), but... 20% in one go is a bit much IMHO. So... I started thinking more serious about self-hosting.


So far, I am self-hosting some media management (photos, music, documents) and I have quite a bit of hardware, which doesn't get too much used.

My domains are with Blacknight so it wouldn't be too much of an impact to move what is practically only my blog somewhere else.

I see the main disadvantages as being:

  1. Lack of a fixed IP address - I only have dynamic addresses at home. Here, you'd need to pay quite a bit to get a fixed one.
  2. Dropping my @laurivan.com email. I only have few accounts coming there, and all can be moved to my 'normal' email address.
  3. Initial overhead on setting up things (routes, SSL, docker images). I want to do ansible-based configuration, so it'll take a bit :)

Partially done

Some things I have already:

  • Self-hosting on www.lipc.tech
  • I already have a bunch of docker-based ansible roles to set up few things


  • Extend setup of SWAG for multiple domains
  • Map the blog's reverse proxy
  • Install Laura's site (again)
  • Make the git repo accessible from the interwebs