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House log

April 7th, 2022 - House(1 min)

Today I realised it’s quite a while since I wrote anything on the house.

Last year we moved into the house (on 15/12/2021 to be more precise) and we’ve been using it since. It’s OK :)

Here are some of the things that happened in the meantime:

  1. I’m ironing out the KNX programming:
    • I do small tweaks on switches and heating
    • I automatised the exterior lights so they turn on after sunset and off at sunrise
  2. I’we tweaked the KNX hardware:
    • Swapped the connections for two valves because they were not correctly coupled (the guest room and the kitchen were swapped)
    • Still setting up the Gira G1
    • Pondering if I should get a Gira X1 or not
  3. Got a barbecue - a good friend told me that a house is a shelter for when you can’t do a barbecue. Word!
  4. Setting up the house IT infrastructure:

… more to come.


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