Vega 56 and ETH – Keep Your Cool

TL;DR: Keep your Vega cool if you want high hash rates!

Recently, I’ve got a AMD Vega RX 56, to see for myself how good it is on mining.

If you ignore the power consumption, it’s quicker than my RX580 cards. I’m getting 33+MH/s consistently:

At the beginning of the session I even got 36MH/s, but, as temperature rose, the hash rate dropped to 33+ stable. Unfortunately, my setup is less than ideal:

  • No decent linux support and I haven’t got the time to tweak a vanilla Ubuntu install with the beta drivers (at the moment of writing)
  • I only have one license of Win10, so the card is on my desktop, on top of the GTX970, which is churning away ZCash.
  • I’m also working on my desktop :)

So, the current parameters in Wattman are:

  • Frequency % = 0
  • Voltage control = manual, with the last 2 entries at 1100 mV
  • Memory speed = manual. set at 910 MHz
  • Memory voltage control = manual, last entry set at 950 mV
  • Performance profile = custom
  • Fan speed = manual, between 400 and 3628. If you don’t have noise restrictions, leave it at “auto”
  • Temperature = automatic
  • Power limit % = -15

Just by switching the fan speed to automatic and the temperature target to manual with a minimum target of 72(Celsius) I get to 35.5MH/s. The noise however increases considerably as the fan hits 70-80%.

Now, I don’t know how much power it draws, but I only have a 650W PSU and the PC is still up with the 2 cards mining non-stop.

Note: Most people don’t ignore the power consumption and if you consume 300W at a price point of 4-500Eur it’s hard to see how it would break even in a decent amount of time.


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3 thoughts on “Vega 56 and ETH – Keep Your Cool”

  1. Hi,
    you have done well just to get them running!
    a lot of people have found they cant install the drivers in ubuntu, myself included.
    The open CL in particular would look like it installed but no apps could even see it.

    1. I found matching the Ubuntu version is essential (16.04.3​ LTS). I’m still sticking with Windows for the time being, although it’s crashing when mining ZCash :(

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