Vega 56 and ETH - Keep Your Cool
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Vega 56 and ETH - Keep Your Cool

Vega 56 and ETH - Keep Your Cool

TL;DR: Keep your Vega cool if you want high hash rates!

Recently, I've got a AMD Vega RX 56, to see for myself how good it is on mining.


If you ignore the power consumption, it's quicker than my RX580 cards. I'm getting 33+MH/s consistently:


At the beginning of the session I even got 36MH/s, but, as temperature rose, the hash rate dropped to 33+ stable. Unfortunately, my setup is less than ideal:

  • No decent linux support and I haven't got the time to tweak a vanilla Ubuntu install with the beta drivers (at the moment of writing)
  • I only have one license of Win10, so the card is on my desktop, on top of the GTX970, which is churning away ZCash.
  • I'm also working on my desktop :)

So, the current parameters in Wattman are:

  • Frequency % = 0
  • Voltage control = manual, with the last 2 entries at 1100 mV
  • Memory speed = manual. set at 910 MHz
  • Memory voltage control = manual, last entry set at 950 mV
  • Performance profile = custom
  • Fan speed = manual, between 400 and 3628. If you don't have noise restrictions, leave it at "auto"
  • Temperature = automatic
  • Power limit % = -15

Just by switching the fan speed to automatic and the temperature target to manual with a minimum target of 72(Celsius) I get to 35.5MH/s. The noise however increases considerably as the fan hits 70-80%.

Now, I don't know how much power it draws, but I only have a 650W PSU and the PC is still up with the 2 cards mining non-stop.

Note: Most people don't ignore the power consumption and if you consume 300W at a price point of 4-500Eur it's hard to see how it would break even in a decent amount of time.