Install SonarQube (with Docker)
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Install SonarQube (with Docker)

Here are the steps I used to install SonarQube.
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I've been writing code (Java + SpringBoot and Angular/eUI) for work and the DevOps pipeline uses SonarQube. So, in order to make sure my code is compliant, I've installed SonarQube on my PC. Here are the steps I used.


First, make sure you have Docker installed on your system

Install SonarQube

You can see on SonarQube's docker page what you need to do to get the image and create a container. I simply used:

docker run -p 9000:9000 -t -d sonarqube:latest

Note: The above command will set up SonarQube with an embedded database. If you want to use it in a more permanent setup, please consider using a proper DB. Check here for more details.

Initial set up

Once you have SonarQube up and running, point your browser to it:

SonarQube URL
SonarQube URL

You should get a nice login page:

Login page

The default credentials are admin/admin. Once you log in you will be prompted to change the password.


This post shows you how to:

  1. Install SonarQube via docker
  2. Perform the initial log in

Following entry shows you how to verify your first project.